Proximity is nice, but every time you step outside (unless

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hermes belt replica aaa And for the 50th time, mum mentioned that Eid won’t be the same without my sister, who’s working in Delhi.Today, we were woken up at 6am for prayers at 10am, and got into queues for the showers.Mum has always told us prayers start at 9am in order to trick us into getting ready an hour early this has literally never worked.We also had a Middle Eastern sweet breakfast before we left.The women’s room in my mosque is three times larger than the men’s. It’s beautifully decorated with Arabic pictures and cushions (I’ve been informed that the men’s section upstairs is damp and smells of feet).You sit on the floor if you hermes replica belt wish to pray and there are chairs at the back if you are on your period, or simply don’t feel like it.It’s a fashion show; we’ve all made an effort to look and smell fabulous.I’m tired of seeing just one image of Muslim women being portrayed always in a hijab.Less than a handful of women wear hijabs in my mosque. Some wish to be recognised as Muslims, others are following Arabic fashion.Personally, I will never wear one and not everyone does.After praying, we hugged and said Eid Mubarak to everyone, which always takes ages and you risk leaving the mosque looking dishevelled, but loved.Men and women chat outside and eat more sweets, before we’re rushed off to our favourite park.Someone we love is buried abroad, so we have a bench for him in this park with an extract of a Sufi poem that describes him perfectly. hermes belt replica aaa

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