You don’t need a huge wardrobe of handbags; just one day bag

Carrying the same bag for every occasion or season tells the world that you’re unwilling to change with the styles, seasons and times. You don’t need a huge wardrobe of handbags; just one day bag for warm and cool months is perfectly fine. Summer months call for bright or pale shades in leather, suede, cloth or straw (check past blogs for current styles of bag and types). For Fall, try gray or possibly an animal print to pump it up a bit. If you want to stick to only one bag, make it in a jewel tone. A metallic clutch goes with every outfit for dressy occasions.

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canada goose clearance I realized one day as I was walking my dog that I had a partnership of ideas occurred in my thoughts. Obedience training for my dog and affirmation training for my mind; each is about discipline and rewards, good behavior vs. bad behavior. Controlled thought vs. uncontrolled thought. I had a choice to use affirmations throughout my day to create my reality. Ernest Holmes says, “A trained mind is more powerful than an untrained mind.” Up until I began using affirmations, I was a negative thinker. I didn’t try to do it on purpose; it seemed my mind went into negative talk on its own. I know I have to take responsibility and ownership regarding my thoughts, and I figured I was very comfortable being poopy with my thoughts. Until I learned there is One Universal Mind at work and I’d attract like minded people that were poopy like me, ooh! I realized my mind needed a training session of affirmations and so I began, “I love and approve of myself!” Louise Hay would be very proud canada goose clearance.

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