The owners should meet and they should vote on a rule

What the President is saying is. The owners should meet and they should vote on a rule.”Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the anthem last year to draw attention to police mistreatment of black Americans, which spurred both demonstrations of support and backlash.”I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick, who is now without a team, told NFL Media last August.Former US Army Green Beret Nate Boyer, who had convinced Kaepernick to kneel rather than sit during the National Anthem, said there’s a difference between the two.”I want Colin Kaepernick and every American to stand because they want to stand, but I want them all to stand. I’m more interested if someone is taking a knee because they really care about something than the guy in the stands, or the girl in the stands, or whoever, that feels obligated to stand up when the anthem is played,” Boyer said..

T. Ulrich Brechbhl and Mrs. Michelle BrechbhlThe Honorable Gavin Buckley, mayor of Annapolis,Maryland, and Mrs. In the second, Brandon went ahead 2 1 on a goal from Lynden McCallum at 8:59. The Pats powerplay tied the game thanks to Carter Chorney, his third and it was 2 2 after two period. In the third, Carson Denomie scored his sixth, 30 seconds in on the powerplay to give Regina the lead.

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