Thunder boomed through the hills and canyons as they weaved up

Stephanie’s father and sister got her in the car, and they set out for the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest, about three hours away. Thunder boomed through the hills and canyons as they weaved up the back roads into the hills. Stephanie and Shawn had been together since they were teenagers, often skipping class to hunt and fish along the Rogue River. Shawn’s father had died when he was in grade school, and he’d grown up with his grandmother; Stephanie joked that he had married her for her family. He and Stephanie had Trevor young and another son, Garrett, seven and a half years later. Trevor now had a job unloading log trucks and lived nearby with his girlfriend, so they still saw him regularly. During the drive, Stephanie told herself again and again that Shawn and Trevor were together. “I was praying to God that it just got dark and they had to stay the night in there Best Replica Bags,” she says.

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